A warm welcome to Alia, our new London Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Alia to our team.  She contacted us recently about filling some pencil cases with her young children and they all enjoyed it so much, she has generously agreed to help us by becoming our London ambassador.  Alia is like an amazing whirlwind of energy and to date has:

  • secured us a whole page advert in The Ultimate Baby Book 2023 , designed by Peter Gerrish.
  • collected a massive haul of stationery generously donated by the children and parents at Hampstead Hill School.
  • she has also scripted an interview for us at Families Magazine in London, and an article in both PTA Magazine and My Baba Magazine.
  • approached several other institutions about collecting stationery for us.
  • created links for Heart Felt Tips with local charities including Coram’s Fields, The Toy Project and Little Village.

Coram’s Fields Charity is already lined up as the main recipient from the Hampstead Hill School stationery,  Coram’s Fields is a children’s only park and playground and is open all year round for children under 16 years old.  This charity also provides valuable services for all young people, both from the local community as well as for those visiting the area.  The park is steeped in history and for 80 years Coram’s Fields has existed solely for children and young people as noted by their well-known policy that ‘no adult can enter without a child‘.  Their charitable work with young people focuses on a number of core services that run during term-time and school holidays.

We are also really excited to be working with both Little Village and The Toy Project. More info on these fabulous charities to follow.

So far, with the help of some of the current and ex pupils and parents at Hampstead Hill School, Alia has filled around 260 of our beautiful recycled Versapak pencil cases and hopes to fill many more.  Thank you Alia, we are so excited that you have joined us and we really welcome your generosity and enthusiasm.

Susie and Jeremy x