Jeremy Houghton

Artist & Founder

Jeremy Houghton is a British painter based in the Cotswolds. After successfully completing residences in many high profile institutions such as Wimbledon, 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, Highgrove and Windsor Castle, Jeremy decided he wanted to give something back. Following the arrival of his two daughters, his passion of art and entrepreneurship, his Heart Felt Tips idea was born. He is constantly thinking of new ideas to both inspire children and help provide them with a basic tool kit to achieve their potential.

Susanna West

Director, Co-ordinator and Social Media Manager

Susanna West, sister of Jeremy, lives in the Oxford area and has a love of children and animals. She started her working life with her own catering company in London, gradually moving into agency work, putting clients and cooks together and most recently working with portrait artists as an agent between client and artist. After having her own children, she became passionate about helping less fortunate children with a particular interest in helping them find their strengths. Now working for Heart Felt Tips, she liaises between schools and charities to get as many pencil cases filled as possible, using her social media skills to spread the word throughout the UK.