Awesome young Heart Felt Tips supporters


As we move towards Christmas and a difficult time of year for many, we wanted to celebrate some of our fabulous Heart Felt Tips ambassadors from throughout the UK who have helped us over the last couple of years.  Mostly, we look for the help of our partner schools to fill pencil cases, however there are a few special young people who go the extra mile and personally encourage their school or friends and family to help disadvantaged children in their community.  We are particularly proud of Sahana (pictured first in 2021 and last in 2020), most recently she has filled our large pencil cases with the help of her neighbours, family and friends and delivered them to The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association where they will be given to children who have just relocated from Afghanistan.  Next year Sahana hopes to get her school involved.  We are also hugely grateful to lovely Claudia and Edith (pictured top right) who recently gave their spare time  to sharpen pencils and fill pencil cases for UK children via foodbanks this Christmas as well as helping with ideas for our new teen journals.  If you know of a young person who would like to get involved, we would love to hear from them.  Likewise if you are a school or institution who is able to fill pencil cases or send us a donation of stationery, please get in touch. We also look forward to hearing from Foodbanks and Children’s Charities who could use our support.

Thank you all Susie and Jeremy x