Parents & Children

  1. You will be given an empty pencil case to take home.
  2. Please fill it with new or recycled good quality stationery that you may have at home. Try and include some colours (felt tips or crayons), 2 pencils, 2 pens (ballpoint or biro), a small ruler, rubber and sharpener.
  3. Any other goodies (paperclips, glue, highlighters, stickers, small toy or notepad etc.) would also be gratefully received.
  4. The most important thing is that the pencil case is full of a variety of perfect stationery that every child would be excited to receive. Please do not donate blunt or broken stationery, sweets or sharp items.  Check your felttips and sharpen your pencils.
  5. Return your pencil case to your teacher.
  6. Thanks for taking part!

What is Heart Felt Tips?

We are a new initiative whose aim is to give loaded pencil cases to children who don’t have one. We ask wonderful schools to get their students to each fill a pencil case with new or nearly new, surplus stationery which they might have at home. Once returned to the school these pencil cases are distributed via food banks and children’s charities to deserving local children.

We hope you enjoy filling your pencil case, our online tips are for all children to enjoy – Have a look and share your ideas #heartfelttips.

If you would like to do some fundraising to help pay for your pencil case, or have a company who may like to sponsor us, please get in touch.  Ideally we would love a contribution of £1 per pencil case, this is voluntary but very welcome.

A Note about Quality Control

Quality is obviously important to Heart Felt Tips and unchecked pencil cases reflect badly on both us and your school. Please help us by checking your child’s filled pencil case to ensure no rubbish or broken items are sent to the children’s charity. Many thanks.